R.I.P. Roy Hargrove (1969 – 2018)

It’s so very sad to learn that Roy Hargrove is gone. He was a real jazz man, a fantastic improvisor who loved to play it rough and risky. He really gave more than 100%, as he said in this video.

Too bad that he also had a drug problem, and he almost had to serve time because of coccaine possession.

He was also a talented composer which he proved just recently.

This is a lovely melody, full of hope for better times to come; but as you can hear, Roy had changed. Here, his playing is more thoughtful, more introverted and mature. As said above, he took risks when he tried to get something out he heard inside. What a firework of ideas.

Roy loved to sit in, and maybe I will remember him by doing that next Tuesday, sitting in once again after a long time of staying away from jam sessions.

This is one of my favorites:

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Just a beautiful, a fitting song for the season: THE SUMMER WIND …

… as delivered by one of my all time favorite songstresses: Miss Madeleine Peyroux 💋

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Queen Of Soul Recording In New York

Barack Obama said via Twitter:


There is nothing more to add … but some of her great music.

Long live Aretha Franklin!

First of all, feel free to listen to her very first, still quite jazzy album (if you click on the title, you will find the complete list of personnel).


Won’t Be Long
Over The Rainbow
Love Is The Only Thing
Sweet Lover
All Night Long
Who Needs You?
Right Now
Are You Sure
Maybe I’m A Fool
It Ain’t Necessarily So
(Blue) By Myself
Today I Sing The Blues

The rest is history.

Read the obituary in the New York Times; and there is of course a lot to dig up on the world wide web.

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One of Hitchcock’s greatest films: SPELLBOUND (1945) with music by MIKLÓS RÓZSA

And here’s a re-recorded portion of the score to the nightmarish scene with scissors, and Ingrid Bergman as Salome (pictured) which was extra designed for the film by Salvatore Dalí:

Part III of this little entry is strictly on topic of this swingin’ blog, namely Vido Musso’s version of the Spellbound love theme, or, as YouTuber SwingMan1937 (now SM1938!) has put it so fittingly:

Little twist here tonight.

No header mistake – here’s an actual movie theme on Savoy! Alfred Hitchcock, no less!

The personnel for this February 26, 1946 session are:

Eddie Safranski – bass
Vido Musso – tenor sax
Sanford Gold – piano
Denzil Best – drums


…that updated file (updated once again on July 22, 2018), because the “video” with the scratchy sound file doesn’t exist anymore: “SPELL BOUND”, directly transferred from a relatively new LP:


P.S. — I’ve ordered a wonderful LP some hours ago: “Spellbound – Classic Film Scores of Miklós Rózsa”; the equivalent of this very rare LP can be found on CD HERE

Here’s yet another version of the famous theme, again with the mysterious theremin leitmotiv:

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Here’s the REAL PRESident, playing his tune “Detention Barracks Blues” a.k.a. “D. B. Blues”. — Lester Young (ts) Oscar Peterson (p) Herb Ellis (g) Ray Brown (b) J. C. Heard (d) – Bushnell Memorial Auditorium, Hartford, Connecticut, May 1953:



In many ways better than the mad man’s twittering:

Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-16 um 12.57.07.png

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Helsinki: TRUMP/ PUTIN – Press Conference – some minutes ago


Ban all nuclear weapons!

I took this screenshot from the ‘live’ feed some minutes ago. Why was the old man not permitted to hold this demand clearly readable in front of a camera?


Bildschirmfoto 2018-07-16 um 17.24.25

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RE: 4th of July — A SOLID AFFAIR: Duke Ellington’s Interpretation of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER — Carnegie Hall, January 23, 1943

Since we are living in grim times where some parody of a president is twittering confused messages nearly every hour, I’m daring to post this parody of one of the most famous war memorials of all times:

The United States Marine Corps War Memorial

Please remember: This is all in fun, OuKay?! — The photo on the bottom was shot by yours truly during the Summer trip of the Cologne Music College Big Band to the USA in 1986.

The Duke Ellington Orchestra performs The Star Spangled Banner with verve and drive, and Sonny Greer’s snare work is witty and groovy. The last chord is pure jazz: it’s Db-major with an added sixth. Just grandiose, Dukish grandezza so to speak.


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