A joke, as told by a Jewish gypsy

A Chinese cook was eating Gefilte fish in a Jewish restaurant, just because he wanted to learn about Kosher foods. All of a sudden, the owner gave him a rabbit punch.

The Chinaman turned around in pain and yelled: “What’s wrong with you? Are you out of your mind?”

“That’s for Pearl Harbor!”, said the Jew.

The Chinaman protested: “Hey, that were the Japs, not us, you idiot!”

The Jew declared: “Chinese, Japanese, that’s all the same to me.”

A couple of days later, the Jewish cook was out to lunch in Chinatown. He just wanted to learn about Sweet-and-sour Chicken Noodles. Suddenly, he received a rabbit punch. It was the Chinese cook.

The Jew, in rage: “Hey, what was that for?!” The Chinaman replied: “That’s for the Titanic.”

“So, asshole, what has this to do with me?”, the Jew asked.

The Chinese grinned: “Iceberg, Goldberg, that’s all the same to me.”

Hier Ziggy Elmans Traumnummer “Frahlich In Swing” (aka “And The Angels Sing”) gepostet, die ich euch nicht vorenthalten will:

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Pre-9/11/2001: New CD – The Streetfighters Quartet

Hello Fans!

Our CD “The Streetfighters Quartet” has been finally released.

Go and listen/ buy at BandCamp.

Let’s make music great again!


Swingingly yours truly, Brew

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HAPPY 90th ANNIVERSARY, MR. SONNY “Saxophone Colossus” ROLLINS!!!

Dear Mr. Rollins —

You have been, and you still are, one of my main inspirations. And I’m just a trumpeter. Since I heard your grandiose album Sonny Rollins in Sweden, or your highly praised encounter with your own master, Coleman Hawkins, Sonny Meets Hawk, I knew immediately, that this was the way to go.

Your impeccable phrasing, your storytelling on the saxophone, your humor, and your ability to make even the silliest songs sound great, make the world a better place for me.

You are one of a kind; and I hope that they have written many, many articles about you, and I can strongly recommend all radio stations to play your music ’round the clock on this very day!

I will spin now one of your finest LPs ever: Tour De Force, an album which puts everyone to shame who thinks he can play a fairly fast Cherokee. I think this is the fastest version ever, and it will remain so.

Happy 90th Anniversary, Sir Rollins!

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The Cool Cole – The Nat “King” Cole Trio

While I was at it, cataloging my record collection, I bumped into this exquisite LP, featuring the Nat “King” Cole Trio in the mid 1940s with radio show transcriptions, entitled “The King’s Court”.

With Nat Cole on piano, Oscar Moore on guitar & Johnny Miller on bass.

The LP is available HERE.

01 Little Joe From Chicago (theme)
02 Smooth Sailing
03 Baby Won’t You Please Come Home
04 I’m In The Mood For Love
05 Swingin’ The Blues
06 Three Little Words
07 Tain’t Me
08 Sweet Georgia Brown
09 Is You Is Or Is You Ain’t My Baby?
10 Don’t Blame Me
11 Little Joe From Chicago (theme)
12 Little Joe From Chicago (theme)
13 Boogie A La King
14 The Ol’ Music Master
15 These Foolish Things
16 Miss Thing
17 Laura
18 How High The Moon
19 It’s Only A Paper Moon
20 It Only Happens Once
21 Poor Butterfly
22 Little Joe From Chicago (theme)

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R.I.P. Roy Hargrove (1969 – 2018)

It’s so very sad to learn that Roy Hargrove is gone. He was a real jazz man, a fantastic improvisor who loved to play it rough and risky. He really gave more than 100%, as he said in this video.

Too bad that he also had a drug problem, and he almost had to serve time because of coccaine possession.

He was also a talented composer which he proved just recently.

This is a lovely melody, full of hope for better times to come; but as you can hear, Roy had changed. Here, his playing is more thoughtful, more introverted and mature. As said above, he took risks when he tried to get something out he heard inside. What a firework of ideas.

Roy loved to sit in, and maybe I will remember him by doing that next Tuesday, sitting in once again after a long time of staying away from jam sessions.

This is one of my favorites:

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Just a beautiful, a fitting song for the season: THE SUMMER WIND …

… as delivered by one of my all time favorite songstresses: Miss Madeleine Peyroux 💋

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Queen Of Soul Recording In New York

Barack Obama said via Twitter:

There is nothing more to add … but some of her great music.

Long live Aretha Franklin!

First of all, feel free to listen to her very first, still quite jazzy album (if you click on the title, you will find the complete list of personnel).


Won’t Be Long
Over The Rainbow
Love Is The Only Thing
Sweet Lover
All Night Long
Who Needs You?
Right Now
Are You Sure
Maybe I’m A Fool
It Ain’t Necessarily So
(Blue) By Myself
Today I Sing The Blues

The rest is history.

Read the obituary in the New York Times; and there is of course a lot to dig up on the world wide web.

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