A joke, as told by a Jewish gypsy

A Chinese cook was eating Gefilte fish in a Jewish restaurant, just because he wanted to learn about Kosher foods. All of a sudden, the owner gave him a rabbit punch.

The Chinaman turned around in pain and yelled: “What’s wrong with you? Are you out of your mind?”

“That’s for Pearl Harbor!”, said the Jew.

The Chinaman protested: “Hey, that were the Japs, not us, you idiot!”

The Jew declared: “Chinese, Japanese, that’s all the same to me.”

A couple of days later, the Jewish cook was out to lunch in Chinatown. He just wanted to learn about Sweet-and-sour Chicken Noodles. Suddenly, he received a rabbit punch. It was the Chinese cook.

The Jew, in rage: “Hey, what was that for?!” The Chinaman replied: “That’s for the Titanic.”

“So, asshole, what has this to do with me?”, the Jew asked.

The Chinese grinned: “Iceberg, Goldberg, that’s all the same to me.”

Hier Ziggy Elmans Traumnummer “Frahlich In Swing” (aka “And The Angels Sing”) gepostet, die ich euch nicht vorenthalten will:

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