One of Hitchcock’s greatest films: SPELLBOUND (1945) with music by MIKLÓS RÓZSA

And here’s a re-recorded portion of the score to the nightmarish scene with scissors, and Ingrid Bergman as Salome (pictured) which was extra designed for the film by Salvatore Dalí:

Part III of this little entry is strictly on topic of this swingin’ blog, namely Vido Musso’s version of the Spellbound love theme, or, as YouTuber SwingMan1937 (now SM1938!) has put it so fittingly:

Little twist here tonight.

No header mistake – here’s an actual movie theme on Savoy! Alfred Hitchcock, no less!

The personnel for this February 26, 1946 session are:

Eddie Safranski – bass
Vido Musso – tenor sax
Sanford Gold – piano
Denzil Best – drums


…that updated file (updated once again on July 22, 2018), because the “video” with the scratchy sound file doesn’t exist anymore: “SPELL BOUND”, directly transferred from a relatively new LP:


P.S. — I’ve ordered a wonderful LP some hours ago: “Spellbound – Classic Film Scores of Miklós Rózsa”; the equivalent of this very rare LP can be found on CD HERE

Here’s yet another version of the famous theme, again with the mysterious theremin leitmotiv:

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