RE: 4th of July — A SOLID AFFAIR: Duke Ellington’s Interpretation of THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER — Carnegie Hall, January 23, 1943

Since we are living in grim times where some parody of a president is twittering confused messages nearly every hour, I’m daring to post this parody of one of the most famous war memorials of all times:

The United States Marine Corps War Memorial

Please remember: This is all in fun, OuKay?! — The photo on the bottom was shot by yours truly during the Summer trip of the Cologne Music College Big Band to the USA in 1986.

The Duke Ellington Orchestra performs The Star Spangled Banner with verve and drive, and Sonny Greer’s snare work is witty and groovy. The last chord is pure jazz: it’s Db-major with an added sixth. Just grandiose, Dukish grandezza so to speak.


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