BREW LITE’s MADHATTAN FOUR on BIRD’s “BIG FOOT” — ‘Live’ @ Litho, October 16, 2010

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First a quote from my old blog:

Some of countless blues now, “Big Foot”, as broadcasted live from the Royal Roost on December 11, 1948. I was speechless when I heard Charlie’s solo for the very first time:

This is a hell of a line of eight bars, played in one breath, and ending on one tone, repeated nine times (if I counted correctly) but slowing down within the one-tone phrase; almost as if he was able to bend the time as he liked it.

There is more at it, I believe. It’s a sound, a picture, Bird was painting. And the best: You can’t write it down. Miles is on trumpet, Al Haig at the piano, Tommy Potter, and Max Roach are on bass, and drums.

Bird was not only able to bend the time, he could travel through it too. As others, and I have said it many times: Charlie Parker was not only deeply rooted in the tradition of jazz, he loved to listen to all kinds of music.

Now, here comes the original, with Charlie Parker (as) Miles Davis (tp) Al Haig (p) Tommy Potter (b) Max Roach (d) Symphony Sid Torin (ann; though not audible here) — ‘live’ from the Royal Roost, New York NY, December 11, 1948:



Bruno Leicht (tp) Martin Sasse (p) Christian Ramond (b) & Marcus Rieck (d), we do it now. — Sorry, but it’s kinda blindfold test up to minute 4:

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