HAPPY BELATED 80th ANNIVERSARY, SWING ERA! — It happened at “The Palomar”, on August 21, 1935

BennyGoodman_Live_Palomar_1935_1This is a broadcast, aired one day after the opening, on August 22, 1935; very interesting is the fact that Benny started the proceedings with “GOODBYE” which later became his closing number.

I want to hint you to some remarkable Bunny Berigan solos, especially at “BASIN STREET BLUES”.

For me, one of the highlights is “THE DIXIELAND BAND” where Helen Ward almost broke down with laughter because of an heavy, unnecessarily brutal accent of the brass section in the middle of her enthusiastic, joyfully swinging vocal.HelenWard_1935

OK, this may be Low-Fi (it can be found on the pictured LP and on this CD), but it’s swinging highly (disregarding some of the usual pop songs).

01 – Goodbye (Theme)
02 – Darktown Strutters’ Ball
03 – East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon) (Joe Harris, voc)
04 – I Hate To Talk About Myself (Helen Ward, voc)
05 – Stardust
06 – I’m In The Mood For Love (Joe Harris, voc)
07 – The Dixieland Band (Helen Ward, voc)
08 – Ballad In Blue
09 – What A Little Moonlight Can Do (Helen Ward, voc)
10 – Basin Street Blues (Joe Harris, voc)
11 – Goodbye (Theme)


Feel free to clickety-click to enlarge 😉

Benny Goodman & His Orchestra, featuring Helen Ward, Joe Harris, Gene Krupa & Bunny Berigan – ‘Live’ from the Palomar Ballroom, Los Angeles, California, August 22, 1935

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V24RGvlMrbc&w=370&h=265]

P.S. — Since the JazzTuber has omitted the last two tracks for unknown reasons, here are “BASIN STREET BLUES” & the closing theme (you will certainly notice the difference to the above “video” ’cause the audio of my LP has been kindly restored by one of my able students) 🙂

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