“I’m still here”, swingin’ sisters and brothers. ∽ As for the heat: RAY ANTHONY & HIS ORCHESTRA, 1955

RayAnthony-Daddy-Long-LegsIt was during the very hot Summer of 1978, when I purchased this wonderful EP (pictured), featuring Ray Anthony & His Orchestra with four songs from the soundtrack to “Daddy Long Legs” (1955).

OK, some may have named the man “Ray Agony”, a joke, I never really got, since the featured music (and the few LP’s of Mr. Anthony I have) is mostly straight ahead, modernly swingin’ big band jazz; one could call it dance music with the emphasis on the more commercial aspect of jazz.

So, feel free to enjoy some tracks, obviously uploaded by JazzTuber’s with taste, and certainly not for beating us into agony 😉

[youtube https://youtu.be/ECLNR3gmwoM&w=370&h=265] [youtube https://youtu.be/3hmsSy5jOjs&w=370&h=265] [youtube https://youtu.be/czEFnUS5kbc&w=370&h=265] [youtube https://youtu.be/FwImKYGCSxI&w=370&h=265]

P.S. — Since I couldn’t find Mr. Anthony’s & The Skyliners’ “Something’s Gotta Give” from the album, here’s some rare footage from a party, organized by 20th Century Fox at Ray Anthony’s home, and attended by the one and only Miss Marilyn Monroe ❤

[youtube https://youtu.be/JfhMUYEOH6w&w=370&h=265]
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