R.I.P. Master Trumpeter, Jazz Improvisor, Ellingtonian & Inspiring Educator CLARK TERRY (1920-2015)

Clark Terry & Thelonious Monk: "IN ORBIT" (1958)

Clark Terry & Thelonious Monk: “IN ORBIT” (1958)

This is a sad day for mankind because one of our greatest musical artists, and at the same time one of the kindest men on earth left the planet:

Mr. Clark Terry, * December 14, 1920, ✝ February 21, 2015.

He had the perfect trumpet approach, probably the best embouchure of all brass men.

He could play the fastest lines without showing any signs of effort, or that it was hard work what he did with the trumpet. And believe me: It was!

When I met him in Bonn, Germany, ’round 13 years ago, I brought along the pictured album, and he exclaimed: “Oh, they reissued it as a Monk record!” — It’s been actually a Terry record, Monk was only sideman, and therefore all originals but one are by Clark Terry (feel free to click on the pictured album): “Let’s Cool One”.

Clark Terry was cool, he was hip, and he was funny, all assets one would need to survive in this crazy world. — There are numerous videos at JazzTube, substantiating this claim:

Clark Terry Video Search (if anyone has problems with this link, please do it yourself ;)).

I don’t want to talk too much, because you will find everything else about Clark Terry on the mad, wild internet; there will be loads of obituaries at many jazz blogs, but none of them will post this playlist, featuring an accidental compilation with some of the greatest jazz trumpet sounds ever.

— As for Clark Terry’s position in the jazz league:

The man participated in more than 900 albums. ‘Nuff said, let’s play some music 🙂








— Please allow me an own quote: 

Dear Clark Terry — You gave us so much joy, and (not only trumpet) goals to go for. Without you, the world would be a very sad place.

You said something in one of Bret Primack’s documentaries which I will never forget. It has nothing to do with music. It’s a wise advice to all of us; and we would be inhuman fools, not to follow it:

“Be good to yourself, and try to be good to others. Particularly kids.”

Clark Terry - autograph



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