Repost of a Repost: A GIRL at A PIANO and HOW IT WORKS or: HOW EASY it can be to TRAVEL (musically!) from 1946 BACK to 1885

Not many words now, just music, supported by a little film in the, err, background. Dialogues are by Nancy Guild & Richard Conte.

The film? SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT (1946) — The short intro is taken from Sonny Berman’s “Nocturne”, interlude & extro are by … No! Just listen, and worry later.

For getting the right 1946-feeling, it’s recommended that you listen to Sonny Berman’s, respectively Ralph Burn’s “Nocturne” first.

Sonny Berman (tp) Bill Harris (tb) Flip Phillips (ts) Serge Chaloff (bars) Ralph Burns (p, arr) Chuck Wayne (g) Art Bernstein (b) Don Lamond (d) Shorty Rogers (arr, cond), Hollywood, CA, September 21, 1946:


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