2nd Follow-Up to “THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT” – Bird, Oscar & Little Jazz – 1948 & 1974

benedetti_lambrettaThe Onyx

Charlie Parker next returned to 52nd Street for a one-week booking at The Onyx on The Street’s north side. My research allows a close to exact dating of the engagement.

Bird’s quintet played The Onyx the second week of July 1948. They probably opened on Tuesday, July 6, 1948, possibly as late as Wednesday the 7th, then played through Sunday, July 11, 1948. Read More…

But the version I’m gonna post is not from this big Bird box, it’s from an LP-twofer, released by Fantasy Records in the 1970’s.

It’s a bizarre, “for sure a weird version”, as a friend of mine wrote. Charlie quotes “Memories Of You” at 1:44-1:45 and “All My Little Ducklings” in half-time at 2:45-2:48…very funny!

So speedy, isn’t it?

I love it because of the sheer tempo. It must have shocked the audience at the “Onyx Club”, July 1948. Maybe also the participating musicians?

THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT – Charlie Parker Quintet (or what’s left of it on Signore Benedetti’s tape), ‘live’ at the ONYX Club, 52nd Street, NYC – July 6, 1948.

PersonnelMiles Davis (trumpet) Charlie Parker (alto saxophone) Duke Jordan (piano) Tommy Potter (bass) Max Roach (drums).


😉 Note: Feel free to click on the backside of the cover for reading the liners.

Since I’m too lazy for transferring the LP (it’s simply too hot today), I will post the very last rendition of this little series as a link from the internet.

So, please go THERE, and enjoy listening to this hot-tempered rendition of “The Way You Look Tonight”.

I love the whole LP. And I love Roy’s exuberant lines he invents when playing with the cup mute. This is all very inspired. When someone plays so on fire, the sound of the valves doesn’t bother at all.

“Little Jazz” doesn’t seem to feel pushed at all by Oscar, whereas the latter is kinda restraining himself, much more than he did on the duo recording with Dizzy Gillespie from the very same year. Note: Read HERE more about this album.

This part of the post is dedicated to Mr. Martin Sasse who played such a great piano yesterday. We had a duo gig outside a little restaurant in Cologne. There will be follow-up engagements, you can be sure!RoyEldridge_OscarPeterson_a

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