It’s June 1 today, and again: We’re still not in MEMPHIS, but now we are *finally* IN joyful JUNE



This beautiful track was recorded for Standard Transcriptions in Los Angeles on some day in December 1945.

I can only give you the collective personnel which is a ‘who is who’ of the LA jazz & studio scene in the mid-, late 1940’s:

Ray Linn, Dale Pierce, Nelson Shelladay, Zeke Zarchy (tp) Britt Woodman, Ollie Wilson, Fred Zito (tb) Wilbur Schwartz (cl,as) Harry Klee (fl,as) Ralph Lee, Lucky Thompson (ts) Hy Mandel (bar) Boyd Raeburn (bassax) Dodo Marmarosa (p) Tony Rizzi (g) Joe Mondragon or Harry Babasin (b) Jackie Mills (d) David Allyn, Ginnie Powell (vcl) George Handy, arr.

George Handy’s arrangement is so outstanding in many ways that I’m almost unable to go into detail. Two things are very evident, though only very short:

#1, listen to the immediate Duke Ellington sound as soon as Britt Woodman starts to blow; and right after Dodo Marmarosa’s little interlude we have a very short Glenn Miller passage shining through, because here is the man on clarinet lead who was responsible for Glenn’s success:

Wilbur Schwartz the original Moonlight Serenader himself!

And now? Just close your eyes, and listen to that marvel of the past once again!

Here’s a June-full 😉 playlist with some of the greatest swinging folks who obviously loved to spend their times in Memphis during month #6 of the year:


Lovely Ginnie Powell once again, lazy Julie London, the joyful Johnny Mercer, and lucky Lucy Ann Polk. — But not enough, below’s the sheet for you to sing along with Hoagy Carmichael’s marvelous

𝄆 Sing it loud, sing it clear, ’cause June’ll be gone in 29 days from here. 𝄇
Charles Dickens

Also Harry James: He loved to visit “Memphis In June” 😉

P.S. — Say “bye, bye!” to May…

…with The May…or of Alabam’ & Jack Teagarden! …LOLL.

Here we go:

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