ART FARMEROne of my favorite trumpet, respectively flugelhorn albums is To Sweden With Love (1964) by the Art Farmer Quartet, starring Jim Hall on guitar, Steve Swallow on acoustic bass, and the late Pete LaRoca on drums (Pete left us on November 19, 2012).

Now, what have the sad eyes of Johanna Sällström to do with this album? — I was kinda shocked when I learned during the 2nd week of our Easter Holidays that “Linda Wallander”, respectively Johanna Sällström had committed suicide as early as 2007. I’ve enjoyed watching her in some of Henning Mankell’s “Wallander’s” on German TV recently, and so I eventually looked her up, and learned the sad story.


She was such a talented actress, a real Swedish shooting star. But before I knew about her untimely passing, it didn’t escape my notice that there was a deep melancholy in her expression, in her way of acting as Wallander’s daughter (Johanna Sällström participated in 13 episodes of Wallander between 2005 and 2006).

Some days later I had an inspiration for a dedication piece for Johanna, a slow waltz which I entitled “The Sad Eyes Of Johanna Sällström” (pictured below). If Art Farmer were still alive, I would have gladly handed it over to him; because, when I wrote this little melody in F minor, the sound, the overall atmosphere of “To Sweden With Love” resonated in my inner ear. — My subconsciousness has also added bits, or rather remote remembrances of Solveig’s Song by Edvard Grieg (although he was Norwegian).

I will provide the sound to the notes as soon as I find the time to make a recording.

Now, just enjoy what my dear fellow jazz blogger Doug Ramsey called “a masterpiece”: “De Salde Sina Hemman” (“They Sold Their Homestead”). — What I love at this particular track is the inner fire, the passion of Art Farmer’s sound, and the congenial accompaniment of the “rhythm section”. It’s all so beautifully balanced, and it sounds so seemingly simple and effortless.

I could tirelessly listen to it again, and again.

Hope you will sympathize with my enthusiasm.



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