R-3395738-1329129796One of the finest albums ever recorded by “Long Tall” Dexter Gordon is Biting The Apple from 1976.

Here are the four tracks in the order of the LP first, and then follow the “Georgia On My Mind” & “Blue Bossa” bonuses from the CD:

Dexter Gordon Quartet, featuring Dexter Gordon (ts) Barry Harris (p) Sam Jones (b) Al Foster (d) – NYC, November 9, 1976

— SIDE 1 —

1. Skylark
2. A La Modal

— SIDE 2 —

3. Apple Jump
4. I’ll Remember April


5. Georgia On My Mind
6. Blue Bossa

This post is one of the rare occasions at this blog where you get the chance to listen to a full album without being bothered by any additional notes by yours truly.

And so:

— Feel free to ENJOY !!!

->>>—–>…before you go diggin’ for the CD!!!

— UPDATE (for your convenience)

Note: I have compiled all tracks (“videos”) in one playlist which should be playing in a row. — Have fun!

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