Repost in the light of another video: BUDDY RICH — LIVE @ JAZZ FEST BERLIN — NOVEMBER 1984

Buddy-here's lookin' at you, kiddies!


Since the below video was taken in Cologne’s Sartory Saal (where I heard the WDR Big Band for the very first time when I began my jazz studies in March 1985), it’s a great pleasure for me to update this article from November 2011.

Here we go with Buddy Rich & His Orchestra and the fabulous “West Side Story Medley”, one of the timeless big band warhorses he was sporting since 1966.

It first came out on the album Swingin’ New Big Band (Pacific Records).

— Bulk —

Buddy (announcing encore)

Buddy (profile-smaller)— Here now the old article, enhanced with some more shots, taken ‘live’ from the TV screen:

This is the gigantic Buddy Rich, the monster, the only drummer who was victorious — ehm, musically perhaps? — over Animal from the Muppets.

Watch his sidemen how they look at him in wonderment!

I saw him doing that powerhouse solo live on TV in November 1984 and took some screenshots in black and white. Posted all of them here.
Buddy (front)

Buddy (the big grim)Buddy the monster


Buddy, diggin' deeply

Have fun watching him doing his tricks with the sticks.

Go Buddy, go!

Buddy (profile-big)

Buddy's hand

Buddy Rich - autograph

Buddy’s Original Signature, Given to Yours Truly in Milwaukee, July 18, 1981

P.S. — This great event happened in 1979; it shows… well, enjoy!

Another P.S. which let me update and again repost this article —

Here comes the original “Rattle And Roll” from 1945, misdated above by Buddy Rich:

And here are the discographical details plus the discs where you can find the track:

Benny Goodman And His Orchestra

John Best, Billy Butterfield, Conrad Gozzo, Bernie Privin (trumpet) Earl LeFave, Chauncey Welsch, Kai Winding (trombone) Benny Goodman (clarinet) Gerald Sanfino, Bill Shine (alto saxophone) Stan Getz, Peanuts Hucko (tenor saxophone) Danny Bank (baritone saxophone) Mel Powell (piano) Mike Bryan (guitar) Barney Spieler (bass) Buddy Rich (drums)

NYC, December 19, 1945
CO35523 Rattle And Roll Columbia 36988; Fontana (E) TFL 5067; Nostalgia Book Club P3.13618

* Fontana (E) TFL 5067   Benny Goodman – All The Cats Join In For A Goodman Party
* Nostalgia Book Club P3.13618   Various Artists – Rare Big Band Gems 1932-1947
* Columbia 36988   Benny Goodman – Rattle And Roll b/w On The Alamo

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  1. Excellent stickman. My Buddy!

  2. Absolutely amazing stunts. Would anybody think that Sir Buddy served in the Sinatra Army as a young man? Eat your heart out, Billy Cobham (and I’ll love Billy forever, don’t get me wrong).
    PS: Hey, you already got nearly 50,000 hits. Premium jazz blog XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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