BrewLitesFiveYule-ItesInAction…which was originally composed for the film Sun Valley Serenade (1941).

It can be heard now – as promised – in a brand new version, here at this humble blog. — Blog owner’s acknowledgment: Thanks, Mr. Jay, for those beautiful pictures!

We hope you will enjoy our efforts on this slightly re-harmonized rendition of Mr. “Genius” Harry Warren’s wonderful ballad (the man seemed only to be able to write hit tunes, right?).

— You can hear & see:

François de Ribeaupierre on tenorsax, Martin Sasse at the electric piano, Christian Ramond on acoustic bass, Marcus Rieck at the drums, and yours truly Bruno Leicht on trumpet.

The whole affair was congenially captured by Mr. J. Malke during our this year’s Yuletide Concert at the “Gasthaus zur Eule” in Cologne’s beautiful Bay-In-Valley, on December 15, 2012 (Glenn Miller’s 68th obit).

Here’s another track from the very same concert, namely my paraphrase of “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”:

Santa Claus Is Free, which he is indeed … or better: He may have some days off 😉

ThreeGenerations_playing_sepianismHow ’bout listening to the initial performance of the very first tune I’ve ever composed?

Here it is: Three Generations Stomp II.

Yes, this was never performed before, ’cause my abilities to write readable scores were rather limited in 1979 😉ThreeGenerationsStomp_II_then


When we talk about antique scores, there is this old Christmas Carol, ingeniously paraphrased in 1917, Bruno The Black-Bloozed Swingbear, which I don’t want to withhold from your devoted ears.

Wanna hint you to Mr. de Ribeaupierre’s grandiose clarinet improvisation where he quoted “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer” numerous times, and that in umpteen different keys!


No Yuletide event without Mel Tormé’s The Christmas Song, here interpreted by Mr. De Ribeaupierre on bass-clarinet.

Whole cohorts of angels must have received their wings during this particular performance 😉

Though we begged, really we did as swingingly as possible (sometimes a bit too abstract, maybe?), there was no one, no Santa, and no Saint who heard us, who felt responsible to let it snow … 😉

At least Woody would have been proud of us.

Yeah, we did ’em all, almost, even old new tunes like the extended 16-bar minor blues (C minor, to be exact) Snow Fire. We’ve burned the (yet!) non-existent snow into glowing flakes.


…and also Irving Berlin’s “WHITE CHRISTMAS” in the famous arrangement by Charlie “Bird” Parker (Royal Roost, NYC, 12/25/1948); but we did it with clarinet instead of the alto; though Bird said he would be not available, we felt his happy presence throughout the evening 😉Charlie Parker - The Happy Bird!

P.S. — @5:37, it’s obviously Santa Claus who is “ho-hoing” my bloozy insert … that’s at least what I hear here 😉

Well, dear folks, we really tried our best when we dreamt of Winter Wonderland at the “Gasthaus zur Eule”, alas, it has not yet come real, at least in our corner of Germany.

So, when the snow would finally be here, let’s say in February, we will all rub our eyes in disbelief and ask:

“Zat Really You, Holy Snow?”


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