As a pre-Christmas gift, an update of one of my most viewed articles: ALL ‘ROUND CHEROKEE

Dear folks —

It’s the day before Christmas Eve, which is one of the coziest evenings, especially in Germany; and so, with this updated article, I want to thank all my 46.269+x readers for their patience, and for their love to jazz:

CHEROKEE aka KO-KO ::: 1938-1955

Enjoy the groovy sleigh ride through Cherokee country!

See ya tomorrow.

Swingboppingly yours truly,


>>>—–> Important Update <—–<<<

DexterGordon_WardellGray_TheHunt_LP_aMeet The Bopland Boys at a 21-minute jam through what they initially’d entitled “Cherrykoke” a.k.a. “Geronimo” as I’ve seen it a minute ago @anazoom 😉 (RE: “Geronimo” …stay tuned for January 1, 2013 at this blog!).

The LP-twofer was listed in one of Marc Myers’ articles on Ray Noble’s Cherokee; I was looking for that a long time until I’ve found it eventually for a reasonable price on eBuy.

It’s on CD too: Buy @anazoom, or elsewhere; it’s definitely a worthwhile listening experience despite its low-fi quality. Thanks heaven someone was out there with a portable disc recorder!

The line-up is a who-is-who of the LA jazz scene in the mid-1940’s to the early 1950’s:

Howard McGhee (tp) Trummy Young (tb) Sonny Criss (as) Dexter Gordon, Wardell Gray (ts) Hampton Hawes (p) Barney Kessel (g) possibly Leroy Gray (b) Ken Kennedy (d)
“Elks Auditorium”, Los Angeles, CA, July 6, 1947

‘Live’ review: One of the hottest solos ever played by swing veteran Trummy Young on trombone! The so-called “old school” caught up quite quickly, huh?

Then one of the new guys, Barney Kessel on guitar. Wow! He could really bop a string until it began to melt 🙂

Sonny Criss, slowly trying to get rid of the Bird; already in a “hard-bop” mood, deftly backed by a madly going Mr. Kennedy.

Now, ‘Long Tall’ Dexter Gordon on his laid-back ride, tooting triumphant tenor fanfares towards the thrilled audience:Dexter+Gordon++Wardell+Gray+GordonGray “Go, Dexter, go!”

Wonderful Wardell Gray, cooly celebrating a President’s party in Parker’s mood, wildly encouraged by someone yelling “Go ahead!”.

Then, collective theme; over and out.

Brew’s shouting into the past (maybe they can hear me?):

“Bravo bravissimo!”

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