RE: The supposed to be “cold” season: AN ACCIDENTAL WINTER SESSION

White_Moon_in_Black_and_WhiteDear Americans —

I’m dedicating this repost of an old article to you, since you again had to face violent madness where you are most vulnerable: At a seemingly safe place, at school.

This rampage of an obviously completely disturbed young man – there is *no* reason for killing innocent children, and their teachers! – has shown us once again the brutality of our society: This happened also in Germany, 12 years, respectively 3 years ago, in Erfurt & Winnenden.

And therefore, we Germans are with you with all our hearts and souls. It’s a human tragedy, your grief must be unspeakable.

R.I.P. the 28 souls.


glowing_cloudsIn the beginning … SNOW ??? But where? Not here.

It’s kinda eternal November, here in Cologne … for some weeks now, and we’re in the middle of December.

That’s why I would like to encourage Ol’ Bro Winter to come by, and join the fun.

Most of it is about imagination anyway.

Andrei Gavrilov, respectively Frédéric Chopin (or some romantic music critics?) named the very first track on the below playlist, the “Winter Wind” etude (Op. 25, No. 11 in A minor).

That’s what we want, but combined with some snow, if you please!

There will be of course no violets then, although young Frank Sinatra has bought them for Nancy’s furs in 1941. One of the most romantic Wintertime melodies at all, here accompanied delicately by Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra.

David Allyn & Boyd Raeburn even went out with … Ginnie (?), having a Picnic In The Wintertime.

But the Winter of 1945 was an icy cold one, they say.

Francey Lane and Johnny Long dared to call it a “Winter Wonderland” which it certainly was back then, in 1947.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Why Chet decided to play this very tune at the “Lighthouse Club”, Hermosa Beach, on the West Coast in California, on September 13, 1953?

Did it snow, or was it because there wasn’t a beach tune available? — Anyway, we can’t ask any of the folks:

Chet Baker, pianist Russ Freeman, Howard Rumsey on bass & drummer Max Roach … They’re all gone.

Helen Merrill is still around, and I really would like to hear her in concert some day. She loved working with trumpeters: Clifford Brown, Art Farmer, and Thad Jones, or her later collaboration on her 1995-album Homage To Clifford Brown which featured my great trumpet brothers Wallace Roney, Tom Harrell, Roy Hargrove, Lew & Roy Soloff.

Her “Winter Of My Discontent” from 1965 is with the late Thad Jones on cornet, Dick Katz on piano & as arranger, Jim Hall on guitar, Ron Carter on bass, and Arnie Wise or Pete Laroca on drums.

This very feeling could be mutual, ’cause this is my Winter of discontent, NOT!

Why should it be? I have some great music here to listen to, and I can save some bucks ’cause of the mild temperatures outside.

It’s all okay with me.

Or, to say it with a famous poet:

The Winter Moon is shining bright.
He did it at least last night.

It seemed to be a very blue moon when Art Pepper (in collaboration with arranger/ composer Bill Holman) did the final track of this…



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