IngridBergman_in_bedHow ’bout two more of those “melancholy maidens”?

Here we go with Lennie’s Quartet, consoling their Melancholy Baby with a swinging beat; you hear Lee Konitz on altosax, Gene Ramey & Arthur Taylor on bass and drums.

This is a ‘live’ recording from the ‘Sing-Song Room’ of the Confucius Restaurant, NYC, waxed at the 3rd set from this memorable club concert (linked with the CD), on June 11, 1955.

Now, another heartbroken chick with Lennie Tristano who privately taped his splendid trio in his Manhattan studio (linked with the LP), on some day in late 1955:LennieTristano_NewYorkImprovisations_a

LennieTristano_NY_Improvisations_LinersClick to enlarge…😉

My Melancholy Baby

Lennie Tristano (p) Peter Ind (b) Tom Weyburn (dm) – Private tape, NY, 1955



For getting f…..’ deeper insights, feel free to dig this f…..’ cool video, featuring the deadly serious “Tristano Robots” (parts 2 & 3 can be found in the sidebar at JazzTube):

And here comes a very deep P.S. in motion pictures (thanks heaven for the JazzTube archive!):

IngridBergman_ForWhomTheBellTolls_recreated_soundtrack_aPoor Ingrid is still crying bitterly. But that’s only Hollywood; and the film wasn’t that good anyway.

And Lee? I bumped in him in May 2002, and we fixed a meeting some days later.

He signed some of his LP’s that day, and then we went to a small café; we talked about music, and people, about the great Art Pepper for example.

I asked him frankly – since I was in kind of an Art Pepper phase then – what he thought about Art’s playing.

Lee: “Depends on with whom Pepper is playing.” I stated, for plain provocation, that I dug Art’s playing, and that he did a nice, hitherto (1956) unreleased session with Warne Marsh (linked with the CD; I got it on LP).

Lee cooly replied (memory quote): “You better be a good improvisor when you’re playing with Warne.”

More Lee Konitz? — Lots of quotes, and interviews on the quiet, wide web. Here’s one, linked with a fine article by Mike Zwerin:

“I tap dance a lot.” 

Yeah, man, that’s so f…..’ deep, dude!

— A last “Jazz Robots” P.S. for the fans:

“MELODY??? — I don’t understand!”

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