It happened exactly 68 years & 9 months ago: GLENN MILLER & THE ARMY AIR FORCE BAND — Broadcast from February 12, 1944

One must celebrate when one has the chance, right? — And so, I take the opportunity of sharing a little project with you I had in mind for quite a while:

Captain Glenn Miller (he was no Major yet) & The Army Air Force Band with a complete remote broadcast which was aired (or prerecorded?) on February 12, 1944.

And now?

The Captain says: Fasten your seat belts, and keep ’em flying!

Millerishly yours truly,


After a slight pitch correction, and some heavy video creating, yours truly Brew Lite proudly presents a complete broadcast by the Army Air Force Band, under the direction of Captain Glenn Miller.

Here you will have the rare opportunity to listen to the beautiful “I Sustain The Wings” theme in full length.

The other tracks are as announced.

Enjoy the time travel!


P.S. — From the very same LP, here’s a little addition I have uploaded with my other SwingTube channel:

A 2nd P.S. comes from my friend, JazzTuber KaRidder234.

We don’t know exactly if “Passage Interdit” was actually conducted by Major Miller; it’s nevertheless a mightily swingin’ chart by Jerry Gray, and it is also featuring Mr. Erwin “Whitey” Thomas as the member of the blasting trumpet section.

Whitey left the world’s stage just some days ago. He was 92. He joined the AAFB right from the start on.

Feel free to read an interesting interview with Mr. Thomas – R.I.P. – at Marc Myers’ JazzWax Blog.

Blog owner’s recommendation: Please do not forget to read Karl’s very informative liners to his upload, and some enlightening, knowledgeable comments by others.

A happy Captain Miller (right), actor Broderick Crawford (left) & drummer Ray McKinley (middle)

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