Dear swingin’ folks —

After some days of absence, here’s a mighty, a very brassy P.S. to my article from November 1, the post about the most important traditional trumpet kings.

I bumped in a track recently, where Charlie Shavers, accompanied by the revived John Kirby Sextet, tried to impersonate the styles of the following swingin’ trumpet cats by playing their signature/ theme songs:

Introduction (Man With A Horn), Louis Armstrong (When It’s Sleepy Time Down South), Roy Eldridge (After You’ve Gone), Cootie Williams (Echoes Of Harlem), Ziggy Elman (And The Angels Sing), Harry James (Ciribiribin, Flight Of The Bumblebee) & Dizzy Gillespie (Salt Peanuts), Extroduction (Man With A Horn).

There is no doubt that Mr. Shavers did a marvelous job here; but there is also no doubt that we hear mostly Charlie Shavers after all. — It’s a splendid effort though; and every fan, devoted to jazz and its most influential trumpeters will agree with me:

Masterful bugling, Charlie!

Story Of The Jazz Trumpet – Medley

It’s here on CD.

Some more with Charlie Shavers, a nice little gem, entitled Blow Me Down, with the Esquire All-American Award Winners who were Charlie Shavers, Teddy Wilson, Harry Carney & Billy Moore, jr. — I’m just too lazy for looking it up. Should be from around 1944.

By the way: The attempt to blow Shavers down for real would have been a very tough job.

No, it would be an impossible mission; you will certainly be realizing that fact when you’re listening to this here, Shavers Shivers with Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, recorded ’round 1950.

“Eldridge will be very jealous!”, Charlie chuckled, ’cause in English hotels they’d installed sockets which said: “For Shavers Only!”

Here’s a wonderful P.S. by the great bugler who surely *could* get started: clicketty-clicketty-click!

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  1. Marc says:

    The man could send shavers down one’s spine! Highly amusing anecdote, btw.

  2. Marc says:

    Video problem solved, Bruno. The uploader has sent the mental case to FY-Land. LOL.

  3. Paul C. says:

    My fave trumpeter. ‘I Can’t Get Started’ could have been an evergreen.

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