A Boppin’ P.S. For All Dr. Weisenheimers ;)

P.S. — If you would enlarge the screenshot of Bird’s handwritten title, you could possibly see too that he overwrote the last character (which was originally a small “n”) with a small “e”; also typical for English speakers to say rather “Auf Widdersenn”, and not like we Germans “Auf Wiedersehn“, the first and the last syllable stretched.

Here’s the full article.

If you don’t wanna read, just listen to one of the most astonishing solos of Charlie Parker on his probably most played blues Now’s The Time.

What I’ve noticed by accident, since I’m not too strong with dates: This is an anniversary ’cause it happened 60 years ago.
Coincidence? I don’t know… “Seltsam, aber so steht es geschrieben.”

Personnel, venue & date:

Charlie Parker (as) Charlie Walp (tpt) Kai Winding (tb) Earl Swope (tb) Zoot Sims (ts) Bill Shanahan (p) Charlie Byrd (g) Merton Oliver (b) Don Lamond (d) Unknown (bgo) – Howard Theater, Washington DC – October 18, 1952 (Private tape recording, transferred from the original LP which contains blank spaces on the back for filling in the correct personnel, which I did instantly after purchase some 15 years ago; the given dates on the LP are wrong).

It can be purchased here: Charlie Parker – Washington Concerts, or @amazoom

My favorite picture with Bird:

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