REPOST on multiple requests of one person: EDYTHE WRIGHT – An underrated and almost forgotten songstress … ALMOST !!!

She was one of the most beautiful and at the same time one of the grooviest gals of the swing era. She recorded most of her songs with Tommy Dorsey & His Orchestra, or TD’s band within the band, The Clambake Seven (link to a CD).

She was very sexy too, and so it’s no wonder that I fell in love with her when I first heard her on records in the tender age of sweet 16 when The Music Went Round And Round – The Clambake Seven, 1935.

One of my favorite songs with her is “Tea On The Terrace” from 1936, which is unfortunately not available online.
Blog owner’s note from October 27, 2010: It is now…

Anyway, here’s another wonderful song in a similar mood which demonstrates her art to the best advantage:

Did I Remember?

>>—-> There’s a P.S. on the bottom!

Her most famous words at the very end of many of her recordings with The Clambake Seven were “Mye, mye!”

Wake Up And Live!, 1937.

So let’s stay awake and live!

ⓒ Bruno Leicht

P.S.: Tea On The Terrace

Now, wouldn’t you wish to have some …*tea* – yes, of course, only *tea*! – on the balcony with that gal and her gorgeously sultry ‘n’ at de same time soothin’ voice?

>>—-> Yet another P.S. <—-<<

As for comparison only, here comes Lady Day’s rendition of Did I Remember? with Bunny Berigan (tp) Artie Shaw (cl) Joe Bushkin (p) Dick McDonough (g) Pete Peterson (b) Cozy Cole (d) – This was recorded for Vocalion on July 10, 1936.

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