Whilst browsing the YouTube jazz department, I’ve bumped into a channel which is featuring three lovely Louis-Armstrong-All-Stars appearances in two lousy films.

The first two clips present the earlier edition of the All-Stars, but – as fellow YouTuber LeInad35808 wrote – the sound was dubbed, and some of the guys on the screen are only miming (and that quite amateurishly, hehe!) to the recording.

None of the jazz experts could tell me who those extras were. — The film? Learn more about the Mickey Rooney vehicle “The Strip” from 1951 HERE, @imdb 🙂

The musicians you can actually hear on the soundtrack are: Louis Armstrong (tp, voc) Jack Teagarden (tb, voc) Barney Bigard (cl) Earl Hines (p) Arvell Shaw (b) Cozy Cole (d) – Recorded in LA, CA, between December 26 & 29, 1950:

“An ersatz film-noir featuring Mickey Rooney as a nightclub drummer mixed up with some bad folks. Armstrong recorded some lively tracks for the score in three sessions.”

The next one’s in color, featuring the later All-Stars in a terrifying German “comedy” with Marika Rökk (pictured); I can only hope, Pops & his men got paid well:

Louis Armstrong (tp) Peanuts Hucko (cl) Trummy Young (tb) Billy Kyle (p) Mort Herbert (b) Danny Barcelona (d) – Germany, 1959;

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