Part 3 of my little series with unofficial soundtracks was not only inspired by Marc Myers, my mutual collaborator, who featured a splendid collection of jazz-trailers recently… — No! – It’s exclusively dedicated to all first-graders who hopefully won’t experience this kind of school 😉

While Hitch’s “Rear Window” from 1954 was the very first major Hollywood film which featured jazz as a functional color in its soundtrack, it was Richard Brooks who confronted the surprised late-show audiences with rock ‘n’ roll in the opening & end credits to his extremely violent flick Blackboard Jungle (1955).

Since there was never a commercial release of this soundtrack, I’m once again the only one who “owns” those 17+ minutes of variety which I will share with you now:


01 – Rock Around The Clock (opening credits) 2:53 Bill Haley & The Comets
02 – Invention For Guitar And Trumpet 2:51 Stan Kenton & His Orchestra, featuring Sal Salvador & Maynard Ferguson
03 – The Jazz Me Blues 3:08 Bix & His Gang
04 – Blackboard Jungle a.k.a. Breaking Records 0:58 Stan Kenton
05 – Go Down Moses 1:41 Sidney Poitier, leading a bunch of students & Glenn Ford

Sidney Poitier: “No man! This ain’t no jam session. Stop jazzin’ it up, okay?”

06 – Rock Around The Clock 1:31 Stan Kenton & His Orchestra, accompanying a big brawl;

Glenn Ford: “Yeah, I’ve been beaten up, but I’m not beaten. I’m not beaten, and I’m not quittin’.”

07 – Sweet Call 0:53 Hollywood Studio Orchestra (or Stan Kenton, going easy listening?)
08 – Let Me Go Lover 2:17 Joan Weber
09 – Rock Around The Clock (end credits) 0:50 Bill Haley & Stan Kenton

There is one scene in the movie which should be avoided by any jazz-shellacks collector; I even contacted a Stan Kenton specialist for getting the title to the number which has been exclusively composed for this particular scene:

The composer? ∽ Bill Holman.

The title? ∽ “Blackboard Jungle”.

The purpose? ∽ Breaking records …….

This track, and also Stan Kenton’s big band version of “Rock Around The Clock”, was never issued on LP.

Here my inevitable DVD-recommendation: @anazoom

Feel free to watch the trailer at FlickTube; “Rock Around The Clock” with Bill Haley & The Comets is included:

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