MOX NIX ∽ Meet the ART FARMER QUINTET, going Bavarian in 1958

— Preface for the collector’s interest —

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— Bulk —

Found the above entry in an German/ English dictionary of etymology from 1872.

Here my transfer:

Love that title: “Mox Nix” — Sounds like Germerican for “Macht nichts!” = “Never mind!”

Or, the Bavarian “Mogst nix?”, in the sense of “(You) like nothing?”

Outstanding piece of a minor blues. Thanks for the upload.

P.S. – Since Art Farmer (1928-1999) lived in Vienna, it could as well be of Austrian origin.

Personnel & date:

Art Farmer (tp) Benny Golson (ts) Bill Evans (p) Addison Farmer (b) Dave Bailey (d) – Nola’s Penthouse Sound Studios, NYC, September 10, 11 & 14, 1958

Go for the LP, or the CD (extended issue) of “Modern Art”; an alternate can be found HERE (original cover).

My vinyl LP is from the Blue Note reissue series (a very rare one); it’s enitled “Jubilation”; and therefore, a state-of-the-Art addition is this very title from the same album:

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