Yes, we all have many other things to do, especially as trumpeters & jazz teachers who wanna take part in real life (chicks, bars ‘n’ flicks)🙂

OK, that’s what I will do tonight, after I have driven them students all nuts by shouting:

“Swing it! – You have to swing it! – Swing! – G’DAMMIT !!!”

I will take one particular DVD from the shelves – The Longest Day (1962) – and grab a beer, or two, and watch this 178-minutes-long flick which is as old as I am.

So, please do *not* interrupt me with unsolicited phone calls, or e-mails (except it’s *you*), err, you may, if you got a well-paid gig for my trumpet & me, okay?!


Sincerely (and as friendly as ever),

Yours truly,

— This is part 1 of the real story —

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