This article is dedicated to all German fellow jazz bloggers who like to drink a bottle of beer, or two, as I do it from time to time.

So, tonight, when I will be sitting on my balcony, drinking the beer of kings, König Pilsener – the thread is not (not yet, hehe!) sponsored by that very brewery – I will think of all you sinners.

I’m a jazz king somehow, at least ’round my block, here in Bay-In-Valley. I play a king size horn, an old Conn-Connstellation, and I love to drink king size amounts of … tea!

And so I graciously allow replies (via the well-known channels), also with other liquids like coffee, tea or gin. But no food-replies please!


Clarence Williams, one of my forefathers in soul, once toured Germany in the Summer of 1933.

He was also visiting Munich, had some shots of beer in an open-air pub (Biergarten) where he fell in love with the gorgeous Bavarian waitress.

Alas, he got the deepest blues ever, the Beer Garden Blues, as soon as he realized that Germany was not exactly the place for a black man in those “brown times”. (Brown was the ruling color of the Nazi uniforms.)

So he went back to the States, quite disillusioned, and told the three Andrews Sisters about his heartache.

The great gals cheered him up with her splendid version of Beer Barrel Polka and introduced Clarence to Mr. Blues himself, to Memphis Slim who also loved to talk to a Beer Drinking Woman, and that not only in 1940!

The 101 Ranch Boys knew about that problem with beer drinking women, since their mama was not only as big as a barrel, no, she could also hold quite an amount of pints.

I mean, they were 101 fellows! — So I ask you, where did they all come from?

But they of course loved their mom, and so they decided to be nice to her and recorded the non dated blues Beer Bottle Mama. Our friend Clarence was speechless:

All that because he’d told the sad story of his lost Bavarian love to some gabby sisters, to some of those Beer Drinking Women, who were also wheedled by Jimmy Gordon in 1941.

Clarence, in his frustration, started to count the umpteen Bubbles In His Beer and inspired Bob Wills to do the same. Poor Bob got so drunk over all that counting that he invited his Texas Playboys in 1947 to count those silly bubbles with him.

But I really don’t count ’em, I rather drink ’em and shout:

More Beer! — As did the above sisters in 1948 which was happening exactly 64 years ago.

As time goes by, dear readers 😉


Thanks for listening along my beery text … hehe!

There’s only one question left: Can one drink bubbles?

No! — But one could try to blow them forever, just like Jackie & Roy, together with Charlie Ventura’s Septet and I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles, featuring Jackie Cain (voc) Roy Kral (p, comp & arr) Conte Candoli (tp) Bennie Green (tb) Charlie Ventura (ts) Boots Mussulli (bs) Kenny O’Brien (b) Ed Shaughnessy (d) – ‘Live’ in concert, Pasadena Civic Auditorium, California, 1949.

— Hold it, hold it! —

— Here comes a very beery P.S. —

Extended quote from my own YouTube comment:

The correct personnel & date, since I have now the LP with that session:

Joe Thomas (tp) Barney Bigard (cl) Georgie Auld (ts) Cyril Haynes (p) Chuck Wayne (g) Billy Taylor (b) Stan Levey (d) — December 29, 1944

This was originally a session with Etta Jones, organized and accompanied on piano by Leonard Feather. Lenny only played piano on the first instrumental, on “Blues Before Dawn”, and on the vocal blues numbers with Etta.

Black & White 1207B

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