Another Springstrumental ∽ HARRY JAMES & “SPRING CAN REALLY HANG YOU UP THE MOST” ∽ ‘Live’ in Las Vegas, Spring, 1964

Isn’t this a lovely interpretation of the fabulous bitter sweet Spring ballad?

Here it is, as played by Harry James, live in Las Vegas:

Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most.

Harry used almost no vibrato, no schmaltz at all; here he was the serious jazz balladeer without sparkling pyrotechnics, or flashy circus stunts; just some long tones as the song demanded them; a very breathy trumpet sound; a fairylike whisper in the nocturnal desert.

Personnel: Harry James (tp) Ray Sims (tb) Corky Corcoran (ts) Jack Perciful (p) Guy Scalise (g) Red Kelly (b) & Buddy Rich (d), Las Vegas, Spring, 1964.

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The above Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most has been transferred by yours truly from a currently unavailable LP-twofer which can be certainly found somewhere else on the internet 😉

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