HECKLER’s HOP MUTE DROP OUT, or: The Creative Joy Of ‘Little Jazz’ Roy Eldridge

Roy Eldridge – Studio Recordings 1935 & 1940

While fellow blogger Steve Provizer was talking about famous jazz trumpeters who loved to plug in mutes, and how they sounded when they used them properly, he didn’t mention the many accidents which could happen with mutes.

What follows here, is one of the most hilarious mute-incidents as it happened to 26-year-old ‘Little Jazz’ Roy Eldridge live on stage, during a radio broadcast from the Three Deuces Club in Chicago, IL:

HECKLER’s HOP (Eldridge)

Although this would have been a shock moment for every other trumpet man, Roy keeps the fire burning, and ends his solo as if nothing had happened.

The personnel on this one: Roy Eldridge, tp; Dave Young, ts; Joe Eldridge, as; Scoops Carey, as & cl; Teddy Cole, p; John Collins, g; Truck Parham, b; Zutty Singleton, d; ‘Live’ from the Three Deuces Club, Chicago, Illinois, Spring 1937;

Go for the original LP, which I would strongly recommend in this case, because I don’t know if they have corrected the pitch on the CD as I did it exclusively for you, my devoted readers.

To read Steve’s very informative piece The Lure of the Mute from 9/11/2011 (which was by the swingin’ way yours truly’s 49th birthday), feel free to go HERE.

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