Obviously one of nature’s biggest failures: DOLPHINS

Learn more about those dumb fishies HERE.

This is of course *not* meant so seriously; no, it’s rather thought as an April 1 aftermath, hmpf 🙂

Honestly, the funny article was just the perfect excuse for posting this track which is dealing with three little clever fishies, educated by Dr. Kyser, the Dean of the Kollege (sic!) of Musical Knowledge.

No landmines here, promised!

THREE LITTLE FISHIES with Kay Kyser & His Orchestra; vocals by Sully Mason, Ginny Sims, Harry Babbit & Ish Kabibble; Brunswick Records-8358, 1939;

P.S. — Dolphins can’t even hum a simple tune like Herbie Hancock’s “Dolphin Dance”, though it’s been dedicated to them, and available everywhere since 1965!

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