Hi there, beboppers —

This is it, but not everything I would like to share with you (see my special gift on the bottom).

Enjoy the one and only Dizzy Gillespie as duo partner at the piano, together with bassist Pierre Michelot!

They’re doing one of the finest pieces Dizzy ever wrote: MOON NOCTURNE, ‘live’ at ‘Cinema Rex’, Paris, France, February 22, 1953. (Blog owner’s note: Find the track on CD HERE.)

And here’s great opera with Dizzy & His Operatic Strings, where he plays one of his greatest solos ever, at Cole Porter’s NIGHT AND DAY.

Now, as promised, my little gift. When I was telling the story of my great encounter with Dizzy Gillespie (feel free to read it again), I’d left off a little detail which I’m going to tell you now, via that very gift.

I wasn’t only playing the blues on Dizzy’s trumpet, no, Diz and I played Charlie Parker’s NOW’s THE TIME in Dizzy’s hotel room, the master himself at the upright piano, accompanying yours truly, as Monkishly as he accompanied Bird & Miles on the initial studio date, back in 1945.

I recorded it on my SONY-Professional Walkman in true stereo, and dug up the cassette some days ago.

Feel free to grab the little mp3, ’cause it will stay online for only one week:

Diz ‘n’ Brew, Hotel Session, Cologne, October 22, 1990

Date & credits for “Night And Day” which could be obtained on CD HERE:

Dizzy Gillespie (tp) Guy Destanges, Andre Gosset, Rene “Benny” Vasseur (tb) Rene Bigerille (fl) Robert Jeannoutot (ob) Jean Louchez (basn) Albert Gillot (cl) Yvan Allouche, Maurice Elhan, Lionel Galt, Leon Locatelli, Octave Marchesini, Georges Mignot, Albert Mousseux, Roger Sanard, Jean Sauvage (vln) Gabriel Beauvais, Andre Saulnier (vla) Pierre Coddee, Georges Schwartz (vlc) Bernard Galais (harp) Arnold Ross (p) Jean-Jacques Tilche (g) Joe Benjamin (b) Bill Clark (d) Jo Boyer, Daniel White (arr) — “Theatre Des Champs-Elysees”, Paris, France, April 5, 1952

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