“LITTLE JAZZ” ROY ELDRIDGE IN ACTION — Backstage, Stanley Theatre, July 1941 …

…when he was with Gene Krupa’s band (click on the picture for more, or go THERE).

The guitarist is Ray Biondi, Sam Musiker could be the clarinetist, the others are certainly among those band members (copied from HERE):

Gene Krupa-(d), Roy Eldridge-(t/v) Norman Murphy, Torg Halten, Graham Young-(t), John Grassi, Jay Kelliher, Babe Wagner-(tb), Musky Ruffo-(as), Walter Bates-(ts), Sam Musiker-(ts/cl), Sam Listengart-(bar), Milt Raskin-(p), Ray Biondi-(g/a), Eddie Mihelich-(b), Anita O’Day, Howard Dulany-(v), Elton Hill-(a)

The very talented photographer was Mr. Charles “Teenie” Harris, kindly recommended by Marc Myers, JazzWax who frequently hints us to rare, and hidden gems on the jazz internet.

This rare track is from 1949; a super hot ride on an old warhorse.


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