My Favorite Blues Improvisation: LESTER ‘PRES’ YOUNG with his SLOW MOTION BLUES from March 1951

This beautiful improvisation on the blues has changed my life. I played differently from the moment on I heard Lester Young’s “Slow Motion Blues” for the very first time.

My special thanks goes to the late Dieter Zimmerle and his half-hour radio portrait on the “President of the Tenorsax”, broadcasted on the SDR to Lester’s 75th anniversary, on August 27, 1984.

The “video” is featuring a copy of the photo, I was always carrying with me from the mid-1980’s to the early 1990’s.

Lester Young (ts) John Lewis (p) Gene Ramey (b) Jo Jones (d) – NYC, March 8, 1951

Although I would always recommend to go for the LP, I know that a nice CD will make the most of you happy too. And so, feel free to go HERE, or to some other place on the internet.

And now?

Just enjoy!

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