Now, this is one great track from November 4, 1941:

The Pepsi-Cola Jingle GET HEP WITH PEPSI-COLA (YouTube link to other versions of the same jingle), featuring Georgia Gibbs with Bunny Berigan’s trumpet and orchestra.

I don’t know who wrote the chart, but it swings lightly, and Georgia Gibbs tries to get the message through as credibly as possible.

The silly lyrics are quickly forgotten anyway, as soon as Bunny takes over with an unusually smooth, nevertheless swinging solo in the middle register of E-Flat.

It’s here, and it can only be found on a long out-of-print LP (which I have of course), and now also at this blog.

I’ve detected the little story behind the track on the internet and did a screenshot.

It has quite a tragic side note:

Blog owner’s note: The book can be purchased HERE.

There is a very funny Coca-Cola response to the jingle which I don’t want to withhold from you:

The Marketing guys at Coca Cola may have come up with this one, sung to the John Peel tune of the original Pepsi Jingle. Pre dates 1940 as I remember. Was very big among Coke lovers in the NYC area, sung by them when taunted by the Pepsi lovers:

Pepsi Cola is a stinky drink,
Tastes like vinegar, looks like ink.
Pour it down the kitchen sink,
Pepsi Cola is a stinky drink.
Nickel, nickel, nickel, nickel, trickle, trickle, trickle . . .

By clarinetist Steve Barbone

Seems to me that there was another war going on besides the serious one which was soon to be entered by the USA in December 1941.

Read here more about Bunny Berigan, also in his own words: Click.

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