HOW ‘BOUT SOMETHING HOT & LOVELY IN JANUARY? — Ginnie Powell with Boyd Raeburn – I Can’t Believe That You’re In Love With Me – 1945 & ’46

My very good friend KaRidder234 from YouTube has uploaded this; it shall warm your hearts, souls, and ears in cold January.


Karl wrote (excerpt):

I’ve added some sound too where the video was silent.

This is one of my favorite tracks with Ginnie Powell. The little clip is featuring the studio track from December 1945, and the slightly faster, and happier rendition was aired from Hollywood, in December 1946.

Ginnie was one of the hippest cats on the planet. Or do you know any of the white chicks, err, song ladies 😉 who would have stayed so cool and relaxed with all the crazy things happening behind her?

George Handy was responsible for the surreally sounding chart, Dodo Marmarosa can be heard briefly on piano, Harry Babasin plays the bass, and Jackie Mills is on drums.







Blog owner’s tip:

I’d recommend to watch the video full screen, ’cause of Karl’s funny subtitles 😉

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