In The Dimmed Lighting Of Autumn: OLD FOLKS, as performed by “BIG T” Jack Teagarden, 1962

Yeah, brother Jack, we’re thinking well of you, and of all you grand “old” jazz folks.

Most of them are listed at Doug Ramsey’s Rifftides, where yours truly suggested putting together “The Big Eighties”, an imagined big band of jazz octogenarians who are still doing their things up to this very day.

Doug’s entry about “Maybe 80 Really Is The New 60” (see Rifftide-link #1 above) inspired me to this little article, which is especially dedicated to my friends @ BBT, mostly all deep in their 80’s.

Here’s one of the long gone who unfortunately couldn’t make the 80, the mighty ‘Big T’, Mr. Jack Teagarden, whose last album consisted of songs by Willard Robinson. (He would be 106 today.)

I have not yet found out who exactly wrote this beautiful chart, and who’s on trumpet and piano; but one thing is certain: Jack Teagarden sings & plays as beautifully as ever.

Enjoy the music, and stay young & healthy.

Old Folks from the original Verve LP-album Think Well Of Me, 1962.

Old Folks
Dedette Lee Hill & Willard Robison

Everyone knows him as old folks
Like the seasons he comes and he’ll go
Just as free as a bird and as good as his word
That’s why everybody loves him so.

Always leaving his spoon in his coffee
Puts his napkin up under his chin
And yellow dog pipe is so mellow, hits right
But you needn’t be ashamed of him.

In the evenings after supper
What stories he would tell
How he held a speech at Gettysburg for Lincoln that day
I know that one so well.

But I don’t understand about old folks
Did he fight for the blue or the gray?
But he’s so democratic and so diplomatic
We don’t write out and say.

P.S.: Here’s another great version of the bitter sweet song:

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