Something very hot for the last days of November: Eddie Finckle’s LEAVE US LEAP with Gene Krupa & His Orchestra – 1945

Gene Krupa, featured at this humble blog in the light of Marc Myers’ recent blog post ’round a great photo with pianist Teddy Napoleon. It’s HERE.

In the attached short clip you can see that Mr. Gene seemed to be one of the most likable, one of the kindest men of jazz.

When Buddy Rich, his eternal challenger was “a machine”, Gene Krupa was a musician, a creator of pure swing and emotions; and he was a great showman as well. Although I was too young to meet him, I miss him dearly.

Where are our today’s Gene Krupa’s? Where are the jazz people who would inspire generations of young musicians now, as those giants did it then?

Anyway, enjoy the ride.

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