OLEO to end all OLEO’s ;) Or: How fast can you dig?

Hi folks —

This is probably our fastest Oleo ever. We, Brew Lite’s BLACK HAWKS, played it as the very last number at a packed Litho. I was thinking of Ronan Guilfoyle’s last year’s article on the Death of the Fast Tempo? before I counted off.

Well, it’s not flawless; but which jazz, except the boring kind, is? — Anyway, I hope that master Sonny has no objections 😉 — We took it as seriously as possible, and was it only because we wanted to prove that the fast tempo is not dead at all.

At least not when my swingin’ colleagues and I are involved.

Enjoy the ride!


P.S.: Please file that under “Free Style”, or “Free Bop”, or “Casino de Jazz” 😉

François de Ribeaupierre (b-cl) Bruno Leicht (tp) Christian Ramond (b) Marcus Rieck (d) — ‘Live’ at Litho, Cologne – Friday, 21st of October 2011

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