“Put Liszt on that list …” or: HALLOWEEN is ALLERHEILIGEN in GERMANY — “ALL SAINTS” — and so …

… here we go with two swingin’ cats who dedicated their rendition of Oh When The Saints (Go Marching In) to a bunch of great composers.

This version has been first introduced in the film “The Red Nichols Story” a.k.a. The Five Pennies (1959).

The rare 2nd clip on the bottom shows a live-performance from some years later.

Three lines stand out as my absolute favorites:

Pops: “Rimsky?”
Danny: “Uh, of Korsakov!”

Danny: “Ravel and Gustav Mahler.”
Pops: “Yeah, but don’t forget Fats Waller.”

Danny: “Katchachurian.”
Pops: “Gesundheit!”

Feel free to figure the rest out for yourself.

P.S. — Danny: “Joseph Haydn.” Pops: “Who?” Danny: “Haydn!”

Pops: “Well, let him come out!” 🙂

Here’s the grandiose version they did in the film:

This here’s not so different from the film version, but it’s with a real audience!

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