Another September Memorial: 9/10/1961 – Italian Grand Prix, Monza

The world famous German racecar driver Wolfgang Berghe von Trips and 15 spectators died during the Italian Grand Prix in Monza, 50 years ago, on September 10, 1961.

It was an especially tragic accident since Berghe von Trips was among the very first Germans after the war who helped to correct the image of the “Ugly Teuton”.

The original title of Dieter Oeckl’s 45-minute documentary is “Taffy – The Berghe Von Trips Story”.

My task was to compose along the music which was found in “Count Crash’s” record collection, to what he listened in the 1950’s: He was a jazz fan.

That’s how these titles can be explained. — Anyway, the phrases and lines are all my own; but I got great inspiration from Louis Armstrong, George Gershwin, Oscar Peterson, or Cole Porter.

Bruno Leicht – trumpet, piano & composition; Andreas Wagner – tenorsax; Olaf Polziehn – piano, Joscha Oetz – bass; John Schröder – drums;

Music for the film recorded at “LOFT”, Cologne, in Winter 1995/96;

ⓒ Dieter Oeckl & Bruno Leicht

More on Berghe von Trips can be learned here, here & here.

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