SUMMERTIME 3 X’s by “The Prince Of Darkness”, “The Maharaja” & the “MJQ”

The next three Summertime’s are so very famous that they also don’t need any textual fanfares.

It’s really Summer in Cologne now. Finally!

No lover could claim ‘baby, it’s cold outside’ for keeping her or his sweetheart inside.

There is no reason to stay at home, or on the internet too long. And so I’m off in a few minutes.


SUMMERTIME Playlist #4

Credits, records & dates:

Miles Davis gets groovy company by drummer James Cobb & the Gil Evans Orchestra, Ray Brown & Ed Thipgen are sparking Oscar Peterson’s bright Summer lights, and The Modern Jazz Quartet – John Lewis (p) Milt Jackson (vib) Percy Heath (b) Connie Kay (d) – counterpoints the sweltry Summer on the Atlantic … label 🙂

Miles Davis & Gil Evans, 1958

Oscar Peterson Trio, 1959

Modern Jazz Quartet, 1964

Blog owner’s note: For giving you the best possible, the most authentic sound, all tracks have been transferred from the original LP’s. — So, I hope you don’t mind occasional clicks at the quieter passages.

Note: Mine is in mighty mono 😉

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