“Celebrating” an infamous 50th anniversary: The STAN GETZ SEPTET with JATP in Berlin, 1960 ∽ THE HOT BLUE C-JAM SQUIRREL

Hi there, folks —

Once again a splendid upload by my special friend KaRidder234. — He had quite a good reason for putting it up today:

We are “celebrating” the 50th anniversary of the “Berlin Wall” which was erected by the German communists on August 13, 1961.

This lengthy, and quite chaotic jam blues mess is dedicated to the people of Berlin. ∽∽ Jazz is freedom, also the freedom of, err, screwing the blues.

The whole 14:28-minutes thing is quite unorganized, as it can happen at such informal, unrehearsed summit meetings of jazz super stars.

The soloists in order of appearance:

Julian “Cannonball” Adderley (as) Jay Jay Johnson (tb) John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie (tp) & Stan Getz (ts) ∽∽ Victor Feldman, Sam Jones & Louis Hayes can be heard on piano, bass & drums.

Recorded ‘live’ in Berlin on December 2, 1960.

The track has been transferred from the LP “Stan Getz Special Vol. 2” – (Raretone, Italy, FC 5012).

Critical review ∽∽

Cannonball sounds a bit repetitive, Jay Jay has to share some nice ideas, but he simply plays too long, Dizzy digs it very deeply, and Stanley added his great two cents. ∽∽ Victor seems to be overwhelmed, whereas Sam & Louis are beating it a bit too hectic. ∽∽ With the exception of Dizzy & Stan, who contributed the most interesting solos, no one really wants to take charge of the proceedings, and so the film rolls by with only a few remarkable moments.

It was indeed about time for a change in jazz, ’cause this kind of jam session didn’t add anything new to the progress of the music.

They closed the door nine months later:

We, the people of Germany, battered it in again in 1989:

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