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Please read my good friend KaRidder234’s detailed description before you gonna listen to this great track. — Thanks a bunch.

Have you ever heard the Herman Herd with this wonderful chart? — No? — Now, here’s your rare chance!

Composer/ arranger Phil Moore’s “125th Street Prophet” unfortunately has never been waxed commercially.

It was only available on V-Disc in the mid-1940’s, ’cause the version you can hear here has first been issued in 1979.

Maybe I will post the V-Disc version from August 22, 1945 later on. Till then, feel free to listen to one of the most successful big bands of the 1940’s:

Woody Herman’s Fabulous First Herd, the band that made Igor Stravinsky swing! (He composed “Ebony Concerto” for this orchestra; but that’s another story.)

Chubby Jackson can be heard briefly on bass, Woody’s on clarinet, and Neal Hefti – sounding here quite alike the late Sonny Berman – has a nice muted trumpet solo.

The ever tasteful Dave Tough is supporting the orchestra with his inimitable elastic drive. None of his kicks, and shots is redundant. That’s how drums have to sound with a modern big band!

Enjoy the walk through New York’s vintage 125th Street in the heart of Harlem.

Uploader’s note:

This very track has been transferred from the original vinyl LP which is available at many places on the internet, or at the record store of your trust:

Vol. 2, Woody Herman & His First Herd, 1944, “The Uncollected”, Hindsight, HSR-134.

The chart has by the way nothing to do with Lyle McDole’s book “125th Street Prophet” which can be purchased HERE.

The more one reads, the cleverer she/ he gets … this truth applies at least to *some* folks.

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