Continuing my little series with mostly instrumental, and which I consider being the most interesting jazz interpretations of “Summertime”, here comes at first the original version, as it was presented in the 1st act of George Gershwin’s & Du Bose Heyward’s American Opera from 1935.

Theresa Merritte’s sweet soprano, lulling the baby to sleep, was accompanied by the Opera Society Orchestra under Paul Belanger.

This concert recording of “Porgy And Bess” is as “old” as yours truly: 1962.

The initial jazz interpretation of “Summertime” was waxed by Lady Day with a bunch of swinging all-stars, every true jazz lover will know:

Billie Holiday, Bunny Berigan, Artie Shaw, Joe Bushkin, Dick McDonough, Pete Peterson, Cozy Cole, recorded in New York, on July 10, 1936.

As my readers may have noticed meanwhile, will I try to let the music speak for itself without too much talking; and so, feel free to digest also the last version on this playlist, taken from the pictured LP below:

The Boyd Raeburn Orchestra – EXPERIMENTS IN BIG BAND JAZZ – 1945

George Williams’ atmospheric chart features the sultry alto of Johnny Bothwell, and Tommy Allison on trumpet. — This very rendition would have been a great feature in any film noir from the late 1940’s; and it will taste best with a bourbon on the rocks, and a Cuban cigar.

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SUMMERTIME Playlist #2

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