Announcement: BREW LITE’s LIGHTHOUSE ALL-STARS – Litho (Cologne) – July 16, 9:00 p.m.

This is of course all in fun, since there are no such things like a lighthouse, or a beach, close to the Litho. The band name is rather hinting to the ever present background noise of the “audience” (?) at the Lighthouse Café in Hermosa Beach, California.

We have the very same chatter at the Litho 😉 — But this doesn’t bother us at all, since we can play what we want, and have the chance to try out new tunes like “Bossa Marta Nova”.

And the legendary, the real Lighthouse All-Stars? They fortunately exist on numerous records, and such folks like Hampton Hawes, Conte Candoli, Art Pepper, or Shorty Rogers are my big heroes since ages.

I recently found their initial recording – Popo – on eBay. This is a wonderful date, and the band is sounding so fresh, and happy, one wouldn’t know that this music – very elegant bebop, by the way! – has been performed almost exactly 60 years ago!

Let’s listen to one of the tracks from the LP. This is a true Art Pepper masterpiece, his very lyrical, nonetheless driving reading of Body And Soul.

Shorty Rogers (tp, only at last A-part & coda) Art Pepper (as) Frank Patchen (p) Howard Rumsey (b) Shelly Manne (d), recorded ‘live’ on the spot, at the Lighthouse Café, on December 27, 1951. — Ain’t that beautiful?

This can be heard as a preview to our concert, ’cause we also have “Body And Soul” in our book.

Have a great Summer, and maybe we’ll meet at the “Litho” on Saturday, the 16th?!

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