I love the blues, the boppin’ blues in particular.

Once there was a bird — a chickadee — who decided to visit my apartment.

Yeah, really, it’s true! He said nothing, he not even lilted. And he didn’t seem to be afraid. Maybe he felt at home. — He was just there, going for three short spins through kitchen and living room, and then sailed out of the same window from where he had flown in some seconds before.

It was my Charlie Parker Summer anyway, the Summer of 2005, since August 29 was Bird’s 80th anniversary. And so I crowned my project of compiling Parker-CD’s from vinyl with composing a blues in the style of Bird, quoting a little bit of Relaxin’ At Camarillo, and named it The Bird’s Short Visit. It’s a blues in C too.

Here we go once again with The Madhattan Four, the Berlin outfit, live at Badenscher Hof, July 2007:

The Bird’s Short Visit

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