Hello free jazz fans,

It’s time to add some more sounds from my soul-stirring quartet The Free Lights.

The 1st track is dedicated to my friend, the action painter Albert Winter who spent some time in Los Angeles. That’s the reason why its entitled A.W.–>L.A. The composition starts with a complex structure based on A major and features all members of the band.

The idea behind this composition was, to link freely improvised parts with written notes in a way that it’s hardly audible what’s improvised and which parts are actually written down. It all ends with a clean A major chord.

Track #2, Ein Schlager oder: Der ständige Schrecken im Gesicht der Frau (A Hit or: The Persistent Horror In The Woman’s Face), was inspired by the face of an obviously quite horrified woman in a train. She looked permanently in a very worried way, and so this title came to my mind.

F’reed’nstänze –> Peezful are self-explanatory … What? — Okay, I’ll explain:

“Friedenstänze” (Free Peace Dances) or “For instance” and “Free but peaceful”. I love to fool around with words. — ’nuff said!

I hope you’ll enjoy this little playlist.

All free and peaceful best,


Continued from another post …

It was quite demotivating to practice one of Turkish trumpeter Akḉel Döner’s untitled free tunes, because it appeared being just a bunch of unrelated notes; no definite “melody” had been written down.

So we called it Thie Moudivaedor, playing around with a mixture of German pronunciation and English, a new speech we call Denglisch today.

Years later, when I knew how to play that tune, I decided to write a sequel for my new quartet The Free Lights. The new tune was simply called Thie Moudivaedor II, and we later combined it with another one of my comprovisations Der Hypochonder (The Hypochondriac), which I had dedicated to W.A., whoever that is. It could be Wolfgang Amédée (Mozart) or Woody Allen, you name it.

Here now Thie Moudivaedor II —> Der Hypochonder, a wild and tender excursion into free improvised jazz. In other words: humorless, limitless and mathematically calculated music:

Here is the combined playlist for your convenience:

—–> BREW LITE’s FREE LIGHTS – Playlist

We have Brew B. Lite on trumpet, Carlos Zapata on tenor & clarinet, Wilfried Rahner on bass and brother William O’Neill on drums.

Have fun!

Freely yours truly,

Brewzz, the …


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