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Dear Folks,

this is about one of my favorite movies, one of the very first motion pictures at all containing kinda jazz soundtrack: Alfred Hitchcock’s Rear Window.

I proudly present the famous kiss scene and the song Lisa, composed by Franz Waxman exclusively for that very film.

First you will listen to the version of the song as it appeared in the film and then David Carroll’s rendition from his LP “Serenade To A Princess”. The 3rd version had been arranged by yours truly and was performed by Brew Lite & His Madhattan Four in Berlin, on July 13, 2007.


Lisa, as it appeared in the film with an unknown and quite operatic vocalist, who sang the hardly understandable lyrics, hehe!

Lisa with David Carroll.

Since I had memorized it back then, there is a little difference between Franz Waxman’s theme and our interpretation. I also had smoothened the form on which my pals and I improvised.

Lisa, as played by BREW LITE’s MADHATTAN FOUR, featuring Bruno Leicht (tp/arr), Walter Gauchel (ts), Lars Guehlcke (b), Uli Jennessen (d) – Berlin, Badenscher Hof, July 13, 2007.

Here now Grace Kelly and James Stewart in “The Kiss“:

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